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Business Innovation Visa Stream Subclass 188 visa.

Purchasing Business Real Property can be a pathway to Permanent Residency

Process Outline for Immigration along this path is as follows:

Business Person wants to come to Australia via the Business Innovation Visa

– They must meet the point test (65)- Points are allocated for assets, age, education, etc

– They must show that they have had experience in business (special requirements apply)

– It will be a temporary visa – for them to reside in Australia to manage the business (they don’t have to live here full-time but must show they are controlling the day to day activity of the business).

– After a certain period of time – they can apply for Permanent Visa (SC888)- but must satisfy certain requirements of the ‘business’ that they have been operating in Australia.


1. They cannot buy residential property as business/ provide rent

2. They can buy an existing business such as properties that meet the guideline for Business Real Property – and run it as a business

3. They can also invest / buy residential property from their company – so longs as it meets other legislation (foreign investment) – This will be their personal investment – apart from meeting the visa criteria.

We are experienced in sourcing specialised rural properties that could meet the definition of Business Real Property and work with Immigration Agents to ensure the property purchase process is streamlined. Please contact Annette Andersen on 0409 731 933 for further information