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 Unique properties, lifestyle properties, horse and equestrian properties and business real property, are impossible to pinpoint a price on – just by the fact that they are unique and have a very niche audience to market to. Any Real Estate Agent who tells you different is no doubt the same one who just wants you to reduce your price a little further because surely this will be the answer.


Real Estate price degradation happens when a cycle of reduce price & stagnate on market sets in. All a buyer sees is the last price advertised and a property that has been on the market for a very long time. From that they conclude “something wrong with it” and do not even enquire, leaving the agent no opportunity to explain the price slashing history.


This story of price degradation begins when the initial round of local agents appear. They offer their unique skills in being able to determine what the current group of buyers in the current market will pay for your property. A property that is so unique and different there has never been a comparable sale within the region. Of course they have no idea what the property is worth, but what they are good at is guessing what you want for the property and then adding a percentage on top. The listing agent often being the one who tells the biggest lie.


We have dealt with many long term listings, got the properties sold and extracted owners from sometimes very sticky situations. All without putting owners under the further financial stress that other agents offer through mind blowing advertising campaigns in the tens of thousands of dollars.


Our methods are not based around talk and big egos. They are based around using the latest technologies to make sure your property gets seen be more needs aligned buyers with minimal costs. We then use this group of buyers to determine the highest likely sale price. Our team is a unique combination of decades of skill and experience both in Real Estate Marketing and Information Technology.


Stories of “Ray White” or “Mr Hooker” being able to do it better than anybody else – they are just stories without facts and figures to back them. Besides was “Ray White” or “Mr Hooker” every involved in any part of your last selling campaign?


Our stories of price degradation in the form of continuously reducing the selling price are not just stories. The information below shows what can happen when you continually entertain the idea that cutting the price and/or using a new Real Estate Agent will effect a sale. Old Agents with Old Ideas


Cloud, New Agents with New Ideas