Rosemount a Private Paradise with 3.5km creek frontage 88km to Brisbane

Ray White Rural Advertisement Extracts 18th April ‘Braeside’ 3964 Esk Kilcoy Rd, Hazeldean QLD 4515

Ray White Jez McNamara and Ray White Andrew Goodall are selling a beautiful property in Braeside Hazeldean. That cannot be denied.

And if you are happier to rent it than to own it may be well worth a look.

However, if you value Freehold far greater than leasehold then Cloud Real Estate Agent Annette Andersen’s ‘Rosemount’ will prove to be the Rose amongst the Thorns 


‘Rosemount’ 3.5km of permanent creek frontage is what makes Rosemount stand way above any other properties on the market. The creek bounds the property and creates a private paradise to be enjoyed by the select few


‘Rosemounts’ Dairying and Irrigation license covers 15ha

At ‘Rosemount’ the creek’s headwater are in the high rainfall area of Mt Mee, making its way through State Forest and National park until it arrives at ‘Rosemount’, the first farm to extract water from the pristine creek.


For more information on Rosemount contact Annette Anderson on 0409731933


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