Lower Wonga Real Estate Auction campaigns starting from $3000. Selling in Lower Wonga, QLD 4570? We get bidders to Lower Wonga Auctions and get property sold fast and effectively.

Our unique skillset means we are not limited to the usual real estate websites and we only use newspapers and magazines to clean windows.

Our secret weapon involves Targeted Advertising where we can analyse results data to hone our likely buyer audience and utilise 360 photography to capture the essence of an entire property in one shot.

This means you only pay for advertising which is likely to attract buyers. Not a broad brush approach which costs a fortune and does little but promote the agent.

While other agents have laboured for months to get below average prices

Cloud has sold in 12 hours and broken suburb records.

Cloud have taken on many stale listings that had sat on the market for up to 10 years, revamped the marketing and helped sellers to move on with their lives sooner.

All due to our unique marketing strategy.

Cloud, a New Agent with New Ideas

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