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Think outside the box and live where you want to live!

Everyone has at least one story about the neighbour from hell, that their streets are too busy, the neighbour’s party all the time. Usually, the problem is the people around you. You can change all this and the secret is not all that innovative. All you have to do is move!

Go ahead laugh, close this blog and go back to your shoebox and enjoy your neighbours heavy metal at 3 am OR give me 20 seconds to explain.

Did you know that you can live 10minutes out of town with your own private 6 acres, private creek, wildlife and breathe untainted air for the same price as a shoebox in town? Not only this but Toowoomba is continuously expanding at a fast rate and the chances of you making money on your property increase substantially when you move to the fringe. So not only are you making a solid investment for the future, but you have all the advantages of being close to town with the benefit of all the space in the world. On top of all this, you can actually make some money from your place as well. Grow something, agist something, let your imagination run wild. Have a look at this place:    Call me, name your price! Whats the worst that can happen, you offer too much?

Picturesque acres with your own Private Creek!


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